Jun 21, 2009

A Complete Package

Robert Kiyosaki in his best selling book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" gives an insight to Wealth creation.
Burke Hedges in his book "Parable of Pipeline" shows us the benefits of building "Pipelines".
Network businesses are using these concepts and have made available to even a common person a "Risk Free Opportunity" with huge potentials of Wealth Creation.

No business works by itself; it is the people who make it work.
There are some pioneers who understood the potential, put efforts to spread the awareness and opened the doors for everyone. As the awareness is spreading, the growth is expected to rise exponentially.

The concept is wonderfully designed in such a way that when you help people to grow then only you grow. Since it is absolutely opposite to the common practice where you grow by stepping on others, it is hard to digest the concept thus making people suspicious.

Those who have succeeded by helping others to succeed, term this as "A Complete Package"

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