Jul 22, 2009

Secrets of the Rich

Hi Friends,
A person faces emotional challenges when he realises that he is not going to fulfill his dreams working on the path that he has chosen no matter how hard he tries.
In my earlier post I had written that you must choose a path that can lead to your Dreams. Most of us realize it around the age of 40 or beyond that our dreams relating to Finances, Time for Family or even Fitness are not going to be fulfilled because we are working very hard for others dreams that we have no time left for Family or even a regular fitness routine. Wealth creation ? Forget it and, at that stage we are full of responsibilities towards the family and have so much of liabilities that we can not even dare to change the path with the kind of EQ that we have acquired. We continue with the RAT RACE.
All legal and socially acceptable paths are good if it leads you to your dreams. It depends on what your dreams are.
I have talked to many people and, in India, most of them dream of a Merc or a BMW, nice house of their own and similar other materialistic possessions. Younger generation have more materialistic dreams. Their path ... JOB.
In India do you know of any salaried person who has achieved these without inheritance ?? May be very few.

So, if your dreams require you to be wealthy, watch this video carefully.
Others should also watch this as an educational video.

Robert Kiyosaki, the world renowned Financial Educator, known for simplifying the explanation of complex financial puzzles, needs no introduction.

Jul 21, 2009


Let me begin with giving a brief introduction about how the movie came into existence. It’s based upon a book which too is called ‘The Secret.’

I will begin by telling you something that the author said, “A year before I wrote the book, my life had collapsed around me, I worked myself into exhaustion. My father died suddenly and my relationships were in turmoil. Little did I know at the time, that out of my greatest despair was to come the greatest gift. I was given a glimpse of a great Secret.”

She began tracing the secret back through history. The secret was buried. The secret was coveted. The secret was suppressed. The secret was never revealed to the public.

She couldn’t believe the people who knew this. They were the greatest people in History. The names include Plato, Shakesphere, Newton, Hugo, Beethoven, Lincoln, Emerson, Edison, Einstein.

She said all she wanted to do then was to share the secret with the world. She started searching for all the people alive today who know the secret. One by one, they began to emerge.

And these are some of the quotes from the movie.

Knowing the secret gives you everything you want. Happiness, Health and Wealth.

Bob Proctor (Philosopher)-- You can have, do or be , anything you want.

Dr. Joe Vitale (Metaphysician)-- You can have whatever it is that you choose.

No matter how big it is.

John Assaraf (Entrepreneur).-- What kind of a house you want to live in?

Which car would like to drive?

Do you want more money?

What kind of a business would you like to have?

Would you like to be a millionaire?

What do you really want?

‘The Secret is the answer to all that has ever been, all that is, and all that will ever be.’

You’ve probably been sitting there wondering ‘what is the secret’.

Those of you who have faith, an open mind, and who dare to dream, will make a note of this website.

You can get more information about the movie and those of you who honestly believe in themselves and want to make their dreams come true, will order the movie online. It will cost you around Rs. 600.

This movie is so good, that I want to request you to not make copies of this if you get it. If you are purchasing this movie, consider it as an investment.

Link to the site " The Secret " : http://www.thesecret.tv/

Jul 10, 2009

Lessons for Life

I came across some wonderful quotes, inserted them on some beautiful flower photos because when you see beauty, the mind is more receptive.

This is the first step if we want to achieve anything in life because it is the dreams that everyone of us are pursuing. In our pursuit, some of us let our Dreams fade away, some allow it to be stolen by others knowingly or unknowingly. Some of us confuse Dreams with path which is just a means we have chosen to fulfill our Dreams.
Many of us don't know what Dreams are because we are surrounded by Nightmares.
Wishes are NOT Dreams.

Optimist is a person who has Hope alive in him.
Good Life is the biggest Enemy of Great Life and makes us pessimist when we make excuses for not making certain efforts

Oh Yes !! Opportunities don't knock your doors everyday. But those who are looking for opportunities, will certainly see them.

Opportunities are always opportunities and are never stupid. It is the people who make it big are Great and people who do not recognise an opportunity or link it or compare it with something they had seen earlier or, who do not make it because of their comfort zone or pessimist thinking are Stupid

Many of us keep waiting wanting to grab a big opportunity.
Opportunities are simply opportunities and when we start feeding it with right effort, it starts growing.
Some one asked " Who are the great people who were born in this town ? "
A simple man answered " None. Only babies are born in this town".

Jul 3, 2009


Having been given the perfect situation to practice my patience I was thrilled to find the following quotation online.

Patience is a reflection of the peaceful mind. My peaceful mind is able to cope with all situations without becoming disturbed and agitated. It calmly accepts the resolution of circumstances and, with this patience acquires the power to deal with all situations.

~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt Abu.

The development of a peaceful mind is so important to so many opportunities in life, and it so often appears that the agitation a
nd stress we put on things delays the completion of situations and circumstances. I find myself wondering what else can be achieved with calm focus and a peaceful state of mind.

Jul 1, 2009

Bucket Carrier or Pipeline Builder ?

"Parable of Pipeline" by Burke Hedges
A simple yet a very powerful concept explained in a very simple way by Burke Hedges in his book "Parable of Pipeline".

If we are working for money spending maximum time at work and neglecting our family, health. hobbies and entertainment; a time will come when we may have regrets because we were unable to have a balanced life and time doesn't wait for any one.

A bucket carrier gets paid only as long as he carries buckets of water. Bucket symbolises individual performance based work. Due to health, sickness, age or recession or even disliking by boss or politics to replace you with some favoured person , we may not be able to perform but the requirement for money doesn't stop. Infact, it increases most of the time.

A bucket carrier is mostly under pressure and a stressed person due to the knowledge that he may not be able to perform for reasons beyond his control. He lets the other factors control his life and feels insecured. All of us think that we will save & invest money in the traditional manner and when enough is saved that they feel secured the they will pursue the neglected areas of their life. 90 % people never feel secured and keep working thinking that this is the way of life.

A pipeline builder understands the power of leveraging time, effort, money and knowledge. Using these, he builds pipelines so that the water continuously keeps flowing even if you are not continuously performing. The big business people build pipelines of workers, investors, knowledgeable advisors and puts them into a system where they keep performing even when he is not performing. Even in the pipelines, if some are not performing, the work goes on by replacing non performers.

A pipeline builder has earned time freedom to balance his life. He has made use of a system to give him an income which is flowing in continuously even when he is not performing. Time freedom allows him to build more pipelines and diversify. An employee is mostly scared of diversifying because he feels that he may not have time to put effort. He doesn't have time, money and the required knowledge of system, leveraging and building pipeline. He is also not in a capacity to take any risk. Where as the big business people are again & again diversifying by opening new business every now and then.

Burke Hedges explains many different ways of building pipelines with no risks and 10 % effort which means, you build pipeline as a diversificastion and not as an Alternate to your job.