Dec 27, 2015

Team AVM: Affiliate Marketing - New Concept Explained

Team AVM: Affiliate Marketing - New Concept Explained:

I have been trying Affiliate Marketing for over 3 years now. I must admit that I was doing a half hearted effort spending ba...

Dec 22, 2015

Team AVM: Watch Yourself Grow With Our Team Effort

Team AVM: Watch Yourself Grow With Our Team Effort:

With due diligence I have identified 2 winning advertising sites where you can promote your links and earn money as well. Team effort...

Dec 10, 2015

Earn just like Airtel, Vodafone or Tata with 5G Mobile Technology Company
One of the fastest growing networking business is launching its products in India in Jan.
1. 5 G mobile Rs 25000
2. Space station which gives you 5G connectivity and earns an income for you Rs 25000
3. Space computer (Goggle shape) Rs 120000
4. Rs 700 + taxes talk time plan gives you unlimited local/std/ one region ISD calls. Can be used from any android mobile.

4 years old company. The CEO Fabio Galdi is a computer wizard and had taken out the first touch screen technology.
Company is worldgn. You can do a google search and find out more information.
It is 4th in the Top Momentum Growth in the world. Click here to check
5 members are already in the top 200 list of earners in the world from networking business. Check

This business will spread like a wild fire and make many people super wealthy.

You can join as

1. A customer and buy products
2. Consultant and participate in the business for Rs 3200 + taxes (Total Rs 3648)
3. Become Master Executive by buying the package of products and get many additional benefits.

Get more information from facebook

Open the company page and get information from their site

Our team will work with you and make you profitable in this business.

How do we get 5 G connection ?

mCell5G uses the LTE 4G technology shifted onto the 5Ghz Spectrum, offering the opportunity to deploy an mCell5G network in any place in the world thanks to the 5Ghz free (ISM) spectrum used today by any WiFi network.
At the same time it offers a faster, more reliable, and more secure Wireless connection than traditional 4G LTE networks.
mCell 5G technology on the WOR(l)D Smartphone puts you on the best available network between 3G, 4G, WiFi and mCell 5G networks.
This means you get access to more networks in more places.

Earn just like Airtel, Vodafone or Tata

Join for 19200 RS and get more than 15 ways to earn!

14 Type's of Income

* Direct sales 10%

* Team Volume Commission Binary Income 2000 Rs. Per Pair or 20% on whole downline. Limit 0,64 crore per week.

* Team Residual Commission 20%- Binary weekly bonus for monthly service plans

* Money Box Commission - additional 1% of your TVC is accumulated and paid out after 12

months of activity
* Team Developer Brick - unlimited 20$ for each your front line who sells a pair of Masters

(one on left team and one on right)
*Career Plan,
*Recognition, training s world wide.
* Generation Matching Bonus - ( 7 generations income)

downline. Starting from additional 10% on 1 line, and extra 5 for each level till 7th.* Rev share bonuses - 5% of total company sales, 20%-40% of service plans. 

For space station owners:
Career Pool Bonus - starting from
Gold- Platinum rank - 1% of cmpny sales for 1 week;
Diamond- Dir.Diamond - 2%/for 2 weeks;
President Gold- President Diamnd - 3%/for 3 weeks;
President Millionaire - 4% for 4 weeks

Lifestyle bonuses: Car bonus 1000$ per month, Luxury car 4000$ per month, Diamond Tour

Bonus amazing trips around the world, Millionaire Club Bonus - top class services around

the world and 24/7 personal assistant, plus partnership with Company Board

* Weekly Closing and Weekly Payment in your Bank Account....


Jun 30, 2015

Use This Tool. You Will Like It

Click here to get Viral Traffic Outbreak - Free Website Traffic

No Referrals Required To Earn Here

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ACX gives good earnings and assured withdrawals. No referrals required to earn.Click on the Sign up button, select "Go to link" and register.
Posted by Earn Without Referrals on Tuesday, June 30, 2015

 Here are the recent transactions using Solid Trust Pay

Apr 5, 2015

Learn to Earn

There is no easy or quick money any where. You have to "Invest" either time or money or both.

Most on line business pays you for activity. Your own activity and for the activity of people you have invited through your link. Some also pay for different levels of indirect referrals in your team.

There are many sites which are asking you to pay and promote so more can contribute. The collection is redistributed using a system which may vary from business to business.
I prefer the ones which pays you for different levels of indirect referrals. The leveraging becomes much better.

Which ever business you choose, it should be genuine with a certain track record. I always recommend to join an established business to the beginners. Once you do make some income then you can go in for new start ups.

Net working businesses are mainly promotion businesses if you want to earn a reasonable amount. Don't get carried away by "It builds automatically or we shall build it for you". It doesn't happen. With due diligence you are joining a "Business" where you have to work and not a "Lottery" where you enroll and do nothing.

This means that you have to learn how to promote. Learning to use a "System", Traffic Exchanges, autoresponder, facebook, swom and other social sites connections etc.

To summarize... A genuine system, persistence, regular promotion and patience are what gets you results. I have recommended some genuine business in “On Line Business” and "Top Online Sites" Connect with me there and I can guide you and help you but I can not assure you that you will earn. It will TOTALLY DEPEND ON YOU.

Mar 29, 2015

5 Great Tips To Make Your Goals Your Reality

We have Dreams 
But dreams are not enough  to get us success.
Dreams require right efforts otherwise it becomes mere wishes.
To make your dreams come true, you require GOALS.

What are Goals?
In simple words when we put a date in front of our dreams, it becomes Goals.

Goals are a great tool for motivation. But if you don't use them correctly, they can also be a source of frustration. Goals are only empowering if they are used properly. So how do you make a goal into something that is a benefit for you?

Goal-setting strategies are important especially for to help you create the type of success you desire and deserve. Here are five goal-setting techniques to help you realize them.

1. Balance Your Goals: In your life you will have personal development goals, personal finance goals and things goals. Don't neglect any of them. It is ok to want things, but don't forget to balance those pursuits with your own growth as a person. All of these goals are important so be clear about all of them and make them real for you.

2. Plan Actions From Your Goals: Goals are not items for your to do list. Your goal is what you are striving for. Plan specific actions that lead you towards those goals. Use the goals to provide your compass for those actions. When you plan actions for the day you can easily tell if they're going to be effective if you have clear goals to compare them against.

3. Share Your Goals: If you were an archer, would you keep it a secret that your goal is to hit the bull's-eye? Too many keep their goals a secret. Share your goals with people who will support and encourage your aims.

4. Write Down Your Goals: Make your goals real by recording them. Put copies of your goals on index cards and keep copies in the car and in the bathroom and review them regularly. Make them the center of your focus. Don't just set them and then ignore them. Your goals are like a compass to tell you which way to go. The exciting part is that you get to chose the alignment of your compass.

5. Don't Give Up: Your goals and the actions you take to get them are different things. Don't be afraid to try something, fail and try something else. Take effective and massive action to meet your goals and understand that any true goals will take many steps to achieve. Sometimes you will make a misstep, but that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the goal. Everyone makes mistakes, but it's only those who abandon their goals who don't achieve them.

Our Thinking

I belong to a middle class family where everyone is an employee. I grew up and was shown the same path ... of becoming an employee. I joined Army. A great organisation to be in. I spent 22 years in it. An adventurous life. Financially I was just comfortable enough to lead a middle class lifestyle but my wife and their family were not very pleased because they were all living a much higher lifestyle. They encouraged me to look at options. With some initial resistance, I did start looking for options and this also was limited to becoming an employee.
I retired from Army and was jobless for 1 year. With responsibilities and liabilities, this becomes very uncomfortable. After some time I was being told to pick up any job that came my way. It was like from "Frying pan to Fire". My patience paid and I got my dream job. I was on the top of the world. I was with the fastest growing company and the CEO is today the second richest man in the world.
I was in close contact with him and some times I used to wonder as to what is the difference between him and others which includes me also. How is he so successful and I am a high middleclass only? I always believed it LUCK, IQ, MONEY POWER etc. Why ??? The group I was associating with were all employee class and with similar thinking.
It was in 2002 that some one encouraged me to read "Rich Dad Poor Dad" It opened up my mind a little. Slowly I began reading more of such books. Magic of Thinking Big is another book that affected my thinking.
There was but just one person who used his charm to encourage me to read these books. In due course of time he got me in "Amway" but the smartest thing which he did was to get me to a big seminar. The seminar really left an impact on me.
I did not duplicate my mentor and started building the business my way. (Most of us do that only??). The results were obvious. It was only after many years that I realized that I do not have that much power individually to influence the thinking of any person as the BOOKS or CDs or the SEMINARS. I simply have to promote them, use them as tools and let them find the right people to work with. All I had to now do was keep listening, reading and attending seminars and encourage others to do it and duplicate it. I now have a reasonably good size of AMWAY business.
I have now been able to analyze the difference between the 2nd richest man of the world and me. IT IS OUR THINKING.