Aug 15, 2009


Balancing Your Life

There was this very ambitious and successful executive who was given the charge of setting up a project for his company. He was very busy and aspired for a raise on completion of the project. One day he fell sick. He was asked to get some medical investigations which he ignored because he thought he will waste time and the project will get delayed and he will miss out his promotions. Few weeks later his condition deteriorated and he had to undertake the investigations which revealed that he has a terminal decease which in few weeks has become irreversible and he had only 30 days to live. Suddenly the project and his ambition became insignificant. He resigned immediately and expressed his desire to spend the remaining days with his loved ones.

What is the lesson ? How would we actually like to spend our time? What are our priorities ? What will make us happy ? Do we have a balanced life ?

There are six major areas in our life … The 6 F







If we decide on the priorities on the 6 F and allocate 10 on a scale of 1 – 10, and draw a graphical representation, it becomes a perfect circle. But when some areas of life are getting less time and some take more time, the graphical representation is a not a circle. The wheel of our life can not move forward smoothly.

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We all aspire to have a balance in all areas. Many times we get involved in few areas and neglect the other areas. At some stage, the neglected areas start showing the adverse results which affects all the areas. We can easily review and take corrective actions only once we understand the importance of having a balanced life.

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  1. I aggree that we should keep a perfect balance in life with right emphasis on high priority values. I would rate inner personal "Value" development as the top priority.