Jul 18, 2010

Are You Ready to Pay the Price

A man walks up to a travel ticket office and asks for a ticket. What do you think he will get a ticket? No.

There are certain questions he has to answer.
Where do you want to go?
Which date ?
Morning or evening?
Which class?

And finally when he answers all these questions, he is asked to pay the price. Obviously, the man will inquire about the price and will always look at ways where he can pay the minimum and can get the maximum. He decides how much can he pay and is it worth paying.

In our life also we are undertaking journey to various intermediate destinations.
Now imagine if the god is sitting in the travel office and asking you the same questions. Do you have the answers to those?

There are 4 kinds of people
1. Those who do not know where they want to go
2. Those who want to go somewhere but not sure on where? When and How?
3. Those who have decided where, when and how but are either reluctant to pay the price or the circumstances create obstacles for some time due to which they have to keep revising the when and how.
4. Those who have decided and are ready to pay the price. Even if the circumstances poses obstacles, they will find out ways and means to overcome the obstacles.

In our life, we too have to make decisions and should be willing to pay the price.
The most common example is when you ask a student what he wants to do after his board exams. The most common answer that I get is that it will depend on the marks that he will get.

I heard a wonderful story where a father takes his son to various colleges two years before his board exams and asks him which college he wants to join. The father makes his son interact with some students who explain the kind of price that they paid to get to that college.
The father asks his son only one thing.
“Son ! If you pay the price in terms of your efforts, you will get to study in this college of your choice. Are you ready to pay the price.”

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