Aug 13, 2011

I Have The Power Inside Me Because God Is Inside Me

It is true that if you understand the power within you and unleash your potential, you can create miracles.

In 1980 I was in the army flying helicopters. Our unit had just moved to a remote area. My colleague bought 2 posters and put it in the crew room. The first poster was of a man sitting on a hill top in the same way as in this picture. In the background were clouds and mountains.  It had a caption " Today I Am Moving The Clouds; Tomorrow I Shall Move The Mountains".

The second poster was that of  a person diving from a great height into the river far below. The caption was "You Only Live Once But Once Is Enough If You Live It Right".

Viewing these posters everyday helped many of us. It subconsciously registered in our minds.

The man who had put those posters became the owner of a Low Cost Airlines in India and shook all established airlines.
We all should be thankful to him because he put a check on the soaring air fares. He made air travel within the reach of a poor person also by introducing Rs 1 tickets. Amazing!!!!

This man sold the airlines and is using the proceeds to run an orphanage in India. He is fully devoted to this social service.
I salute him.

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