Mar 29, 2015

Our Thinking

I belong to a middle class family where everyone is an employee. I grew up and was shown the same path ... of becoming an employee. I joined Army. A great organisation to be in. I spent 22 years in it. An adventurous life. Financially I was just comfortable enough to lead a middle class lifestyle but my wife and their family were not very pleased because they were all living a much higher lifestyle. They encouraged me to look at options. With some initial resistance, I did start looking for options and this also was limited to becoming an employee.
I retired from Army and was jobless for 1 year. With responsibilities and liabilities, this becomes very uncomfortable. After some time I was being told to pick up any job that came my way. It was like from "Frying pan to Fire". My patience paid and I got my dream job. I was on the top of the world. I was with the fastest growing company and the CEO is today the second richest man in the world.
I was in close contact with him and some times I used to wonder as to what is the difference between him and others which includes me also. How is he so successful and I am a high middleclass only? I always believed it LUCK, IQ, MONEY POWER etc. Why ??? The group I was associating with were all employee class and with similar thinking.
It was in 2002 that some one encouraged me to read "Rich Dad Poor Dad" It opened up my mind a little. Slowly I began reading more of such books. Magic of Thinking Big is another book that affected my thinking.
There was but just one person who used his charm to encourage me to read these books. In due course of time he got me in "Amway" but the smartest thing which he did was to get me to a big seminar. The seminar really left an impact on me.
I did not duplicate my mentor and started building the business my way. (Most of us do that only??). The results were obvious. It was only after many years that I realized that I do not have that much power individually to influence the thinking of any person as the BOOKS or CDs or the SEMINARS. I simply have to promote them, use them as tools and let them find the right people to work with. All I had to now do was keep listening, reading and attending seminars and encourage others to do it and duplicate it. I now have a reasonably good size of AMWAY business.
I have now been able to analyze the difference between the 2nd richest man of the world and me. IT IS OUR THINKING.

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