Dec 10, 2015

Earn just like Airtel, Vodafone or Tata with 5G Mobile Technology Company
One of the fastest growing networking business is launching its products in India in Jan.
1. 5 G mobile Rs 25000
2. Space station which gives you 5G connectivity and earns an income for you Rs 25000
3. Space computer (Goggle shape) Rs 120000
4. Rs 700 + taxes talk time plan gives you unlimited local/std/ one region ISD calls. Can be used from any android mobile.

4 years old company. The CEO Fabio Galdi is a computer wizard and had taken out the first touch screen technology.
Company is worldgn. You can do a google search and find out more information.
It is 4th in the Top Momentum Growth in the world. Click here to check
5 members are already in the top 200 list of earners in the world from networking business. Check

This business will spread like a wild fire and make many people super wealthy.

You can join as

1. A customer and buy products
2. Consultant and participate in the business for Rs 3200 + taxes (Total Rs 3648)
3. Become Master Executive by buying the package of products and get many additional benefits.

Get more information from facebook

Open the company page and get information from their site

Our team will work with you and make you profitable in this business.

How do we get 5 G connection ?

mCell5G uses the LTE 4G technology shifted onto the 5Ghz Spectrum, offering the opportunity to deploy an mCell5G network in any place in the world thanks to the 5Ghz free (ISM) spectrum used today by any WiFi network.
At the same time it offers a faster, more reliable, and more secure Wireless connection than traditional 4G LTE networks.
mCell 5G technology on the WOR(l)D Smartphone puts you on the best available network between 3G, 4G, WiFi and mCell 5G networks.
This means you get access to more networks in more places.

Earn just like Airtel, Vodafone or Tata

Join for 19200 RS and get more than 15 ways to earn!

14 Type's of Income

* Direct sales 10%

* Team Volume Commission Binary Income 2000 Rs. Per Pair or 20% on whole downline. Limit 0,64 crore per week.

* Team Residual Commission 20%- Binary weekly bonus for monthly service plans

* Money Box Commission - additional 1% of your TVC is accumulated and paid out after 12

months of activity
* Team Developer Brick - unlimited 20$ for each your front line who sells a pair of Masters

(one on left team and one on right)
*Career Plan,
*Recognition, training s world wide.
* Generation Matching Bonus - ( 7 generations income)

downline. Starting from additional 10% on 1 line, and extra 5 for each level till 7th.* Rev share bonuses - 5% of total company sales, 20%-40% of service plans. 

For space station owners:
Career Pool Bonus - starting from
Gold- Platinum rank - 1% of cmpny sales for 1 week;
Diamond- Dir.Diamond - 2%/for 2 weeks;
President Gold- President Diamnd - 3%/for 3 weeks;
President Millionaire - 4% for 4 weeks

Lifestyle bonuses: Car bonus 1000$ per month, Luxury car 4000$ per month, Diamond Tour

Bonus amazing trips around the world, Millionaire Club Bonus - top class services around

the world and 24/7 personal assistant, plus partnership with Company Board

* Weekly Closing and Weekly Payment in your Bank Account....


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