Apr 11, 2012

Learning Is Essential To Grow Our Thinking.


Learning comes from what we see, hear and read.
Learning comes from Within and only when we are ready for it.
Wanting results, emotions, fear, punishments are contributing towards preparing us to be ready for learning.

It develops our mind to think :-
What is right and wrong
What is good or bad
Create a harmony between brain and heart
Make good use of experience
Experience comes with results from actions.
We can learn from the experiences of others
We can learn from our own experiences.
Learning from the experiences of others is a faster way to learn.
It requires belief and faith in the knowledge/ experience of the person from whom we are learning. In schools a student fares better in a subject which is taught by a teacher whom he/she likes.
Logical thinking, thinking from the past or into the future are all acceptable if it leads to actions which yield good results. Even good or bad are relative.
Some thing which is good for someone can be bad for another.

The ultimate goal is to live life with happiness and spread happiness. 
Some may like your thinking and logic and some may feel offended also for whatever reason they chose.

Your belief is your belief and your faith is your faith.
Make it stronger if it gives you happiness.

Do not react negatively with others logic about your belief and faith.

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