Jul 10, 2009

Lessons for Life

I came across some wonderful quotes, inserted them on some beautiful flower photos because when you see beauty, the mind is more receptive.

This is the first step if we want to achieve anything in life because it is the dreams that everyone of us are pursuing. In our pursuit, some of us let our Dreams fade away, some allow it to be stolen by others knowingly or unknowingly. Some of us confuse Dreams with path which is just a means we have chosen to fulfill our Dreams.
Many of us don't know what Dreams are because we are surrounded by Nightmares.
Wishes are NOT Dreams.

Optimist is a person who has Hope alive in him.
Good Life is the biggest Enemy of Great Life and makes us pessimist when we make excuses for not making certain efforts

Oh Yes !! Opportunities don't knock your doors everyday. But those who are looking for opportunities, will certainly see them.

Opportunities are always opportunities and are never stupid. It is the people who make it big are Great and people who do not recognise an opportunity or link it or compare it with something they had seen earlier or, who do not make it because of their comfort zone or pessimist thinking are Stupid

Many of us keep waiting wanting to grab a big opportunity.
Opportunities are simply opportunities and when we start feeding it with right effort, it starts growing.
Some one asked " Who are the great people who were born in this town ? "
A simple man answered " None. Only babies are born in this town".

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