Jul 1, 2009

Bucket Carrier or Pipeline Builder ?

"Parable of Pipeline" by Burke Hedges
A simple yet a very powerful concept explained in a very simple way by Burke Hedges in his book "Parable of Pipeline".

If we are working for money spending maximum time at work and neglecting our family, health. hobbies and entertainment; a time will come when we may have regrets because we were unable to have a balanced life and time doesn't wait for any one.

A bucket carrier gets paid only as long as he carries buckets of water. Bucket symbolises individual performance based work. Due to health, sickness, age or recession or even disliking by boss or politics to replace you with some favoured person , we may not be able to perform but the requirement for money doesn't stop. Infact, it increases most of the time.

A bucket carrier is mostly under pressure and a stressed person due to the knowledge that he may not be able to perform for reasons beyond his control. He lets the other factors control his life and feels insecured. All of us think that we will save & invest money in the traditional manner and when enough is saved that they feel secured the they will pursue the neglected areas of their life. 90 % people never feel secured and keep working thinking that this is the way of life.

A pipeline builder understands the power of leveraging time, effort, money and knowledge. Using these, he builds pipelines so that the water continuously keeps flowing even if you are not continuously performing. The big business people build pipelines of workers, investors, knowledgeable advisors and puts them into a system where they keep performing even when he is not performing. Even in the pipelines, if some are not performing, the work goes on by replacing non performers.

A pipeline builder has earned time freedom to balance his life. He has made use of a system to give him an income which is flowing in continuously even when he is not performing. Time freedom allows him to build more pipelines and diversify. An employee is mostly scared of diversifying because he feels that he may not have time to put effort. He doesn't have time, money and the required knowledge of system, leveraging and building pipeline. He is also not in a capacity to take any risk. Where as the big business people are again & again diversifying by opening new business every now and then.

Burke Hedges explains many different ways of building pipelines with no risks and 10 % effort which means, you build pipeline as a diversificastion and not as an Alternate to your job.

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