Jul 22, 2009

Secrets of the Rich

Hi Friends,
A person faces emotional challenges when he realises that he is not going to fulfill his dreams working on the path that he has chosen no matter how hard he tries.
In my earlier post I had written that you must choose a path that can lead to your Dreams. Most of us realize it around the age of 40 or beyond that our dreams relating to Finances, Time for Family or even Fitness are not going to be fulfilled because we are working very hard for others dreams that we have no time left for Family or even a regular fitness routine. Wealth creation ? Forget it and, at that stage we are full of responsibilities towards the family and have so much of liabilities that we can not even dare to change the path with the kind of EQ that we have acquired. We continue with the RAT RACE.
All legal and socially acceptable paths are good if it leads you to your dreams. It depends on what your dreams are.
I have talked to many people and, in India, most of them dream of a Merc or a BMW, nice house of their own and similar other materialistic possessions. Younger generation have more materialistic dreams. Their path ... JOB.
In India do you know of any salaried person who has achieved these without inheritance ?? May be very few.

So, if your dreams require you to be wealthy, watch this video carefully.
Others should also watch this as an educational video.

Robert Kiyosaki, the world renowned Financial Educator, known for simplifying the explanation of complex financial puzzles, needs no introduction.

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